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We’re open

Thursday 10 am – 6 pm
Friday 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday 8 am – 6 pm

Physical Address…
To get to our store, please see the map below. Hico is a small town, and our address does not render well on some GPS systems. (We suggest printing this entire page before heading out on your road trip.) We are located at:

Two Clay Birds Garden Market
708A N. Second Street
Hico, TX 76457

Note: Second Street is also called Hwy. 281 and Hwy. 6

We are directly on Second Street (aka Maker’s Row). We’re on your right if you’re coming from Stephenville. We’re on your left if you’re coming from Fort Worth, Dallas, Iredell, Hamilton, or Austin.

Our building is bright green with a large deck out front and a 700 gallon tin water tank next to it. Our market is guarded by a 300 pound wooden bear. We’re hard to miss!

Notably, we are diagonally across from Hico’s famous Giant Spurs located at Carpenter’s Machine and Welding at the edge of town.

You can click and drag on this map to suit your location. You can also click the “Directions” button to get detailed, step-by-step directions from your door to ours!

Phone, E-mail & Social Media…
512-914-9406 (call or text) OR 254-485-4488

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