Fabric Artist: Beth Martin

Featured Artist - Beth MartinBeth Martin is a seasoned fabric artist and owner of Chintz, a Hico, Texas-based solo operation that produces gorgeous and practical cloth creations. With a well-rounded work history that includes county extension work and interior design, Beth holds a bachelor’s degree in Clothing and Textiles from Texas Tech University.

Furthering her education, Beth received her master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling and began a career in psychotherapy that spanned many years. Still, she knew that her creative spirit needed an outlet in which to flourish. Living in a house surrounded by yard upon yard of fabric, several sewing machines (even one with a treadle – that is, it’s foot-operated, rather than electric), and sundry sewing trims and notions, the shift seemed obvious. She returned to her love of fabric artistry and created Chintz. She creates the aesthetically-amazing Classic-Fresh Farm aprons we will be featuring in Two Clay Birds Garden Market. And she also creates purses, children’s items, décor pieces, and takes custom orders from the public.


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