Chick Hatching Video

This is a time lapse video that I made of one of our chicks hatching here at Two Clay Birds Farm. The video lasts 29 seconds, but it took approximately an hour for this process to take place. It was so much fun watching and capturing this. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did. Feel free to share this video with children in your life who might enjoy it, too. It can also be a great resource for teachers who are creating lesson plans on the life cycle. In subsequent posts, I’ll share what we’ve learned during this process of raising free range chickens, collecting eggs, and incubating eggs. It’s really a simple and satisfying thing to do overall, but there are some bits of information that can help it all go a lot smoother – especially when kids are participating as caretakers. Anyway, enjoy this glimpse at life unfolding…

If you would like to download this video to your device for teaching or other purposes, please feel free to do so by clicking this link: Chick Hatching

To simply watch and enjoy, click on the video screen below:











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