Sauteed Squash

This is probably the easiest recipe you’ll look at all day (besides a bowl of cereal and milk). We hope you enjoy the hearty simplicity of it like we do.

sauted squash - main



4 or 5 freshly harvested pattypan squash
2 medium vine-ripened tomatoes
1 medium onion
Pinch of oregano
Pinch of Aleppo pepper flakes (or any other mild pepper you have handy)
Sea salt to taste
Olive oil


Sauted Squash - group
Heat a large skillet to medium. While it heats wash all produce that needs washing. Slice the pattypan squash, and dice the tomatoes, and onion. Add olive oil (about 1/8 inch deep) after pan is hot. Sautee the onions first. When they begin to turn translucent, add squash. Cook until squash becomes soft. When squash is soft, add diced tomatoes. Allow this mixture to cook together for a few minutes. Add a small pinch of oregano (a tiny bit goes a long way), a pinch (or more) of Aleppo pepper and sea salt to taste. Cook for another minute or two to allow flavors to blend.




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