Two Clay Birds & Friends Farmhouse Basket Application

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Or, simply read the info and fill out the ONLINE form below.

Welcome, and thank you! We’re excited to kick things off with such a great crowd of folks! Please read our info and also give us your necessary information, so that we can get you in line for receiving weekly fresh produce and other farmhouse items you’re sure to love!

Our membership is on a weekly basis. The cost is $25 per week. The Two Clay Birds & Friends Farmhouse Basket CSA will run during the regular spring – fall farming season and might extend into the winter, depending on item availability. Initially, we are offering two pickup locations:

  • Two Clay Birds Garden Market
  • 708A N. Second Street
  • Hico, Texas 76457
  • Pickup time: Fridays 12–6 PM


  • SlimPickins Outfitters
  • 200 W. Washington Street
  • Stephenville, TX 76401
  • Pickup time: Thursdays 3PM–7 PM

Our CSA is a multi-producer effort. It will come from Two Clay Birds Farm and from a few other growers and producers that we hand-pick and personally do business with. While we use different farming practices due to our varied locations and soils and personal tastes, we all subscribe to a “clean farming” philosophy that means your fresh produce and other farm-to-table items will be stuff you’ll be proud to serve to your family and friends. At Two Clay Birds, for instance, our philosophy is “if our kids can’t eat it, we won’t put it on our plants.”

We commit to bringing you the best that our farm and our friends’ farms and businesses have to offer. What we need from you are the following:
A completed membership form

A commitment to pay weekly to maintain your membership

A commitment to pick up your Farmhouse Basket in person at a pickup location weekly and on time to prevent spoilage and waste

If you are unable to pick up your box, please let us know 24 hours in advance, so you can gift it to a friend or someone in need. Sadly, we won’t be able to offer refunds on unclaimed boxes. If you need to have someone else pick up your box for you, please email us ahead of time to Your name will be on a list of recipients, and unless we have your permission in writing, we can’t let your box go to someone not on the list. Boxes will be considered “unclaimed” at the close of the listed pickup day and time at your location of choice.

Unlike other CSAs, we are not asking for a seasonal membership. While with most community supported agriculture programs, members pay by the season (usually 3-6 months in advance, all in one lump sum), because we are hard-working people with average-size wallets, such as yourself, we have chosen to do ours a bit differently and base ours on a weekly payment schedule. We’re doing this so that we can share fresh food and goods with everyone on an affordable level and because we trust the folks who want to share in this with us! Since our membership is on a weekly basis, there isn’t a cancellation policy per se. If you need to skip a week in your payment for the Farmhouse Bakset, no sweat. We’re not going to shake you down for fees or report you to a credit agency or call your mom. However, this will bump you to the bottom of our waiting list, which might make it hard to get back in line to receive fresh goodies.

Payments can be made in the form of cash, check, or credit card. Credit cards will be processed one week before delivery. For example, if you are going to pick up a Farmhouse Basket on the 17th of the month, we will run your credit card on file on the 10th of the month. Credit cards will be kept on file in our processing system and will be run automatically every week unless you notify us to do otherwise. Credit card cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to their scheduled processing date. Cash and check payments must be made in person at Two Clay Birds Garden Market in Hico on the Friday prior to delivery. For instance, if you’re going to pick up a Farmhouse Basket on the 17th of the month and want to pay cash, you will need to do so in person on the 11th of the month. Any changes that we might need to make to the program will be announced on our Facebook page or via private message or email and will be effective as soon as we announce them.

Remember that by joining a CSA such as the Two Clay Birds & Friends Farmhouse Basket, you’re supporting local agriculture and farm-to-table businesses. Thank you for that! It means so much to everyone on the production end of things that you believe in us enough to join our crowd! In the event that we will not be able to provide you with 100% top-quality goods in a given week, we won’t charge your card or take your money. It’s as simple as that. And it won’t affect your place in line in the list of recipients.

Please sign below to let us know you read all the stuff above and that you agree to it. Thanks!

Farmhouse Basket CSA Application