Two Clay Birds Farm and Studio is more than a place where plants grow and art is created. It’s a manifestation of a deep longing to return to something that is as old as humankind itself – a connection between people and their food. More than a routine to fill a physical need, eating is an activity that can allow people to share in community, celebration and culture.

Often, our fast-paced society doesn’t allow for us to stop and smell the proverbial roses – much less the tomato leaves, the squash blossoms, or the sweet center of a ripe watermelon. Our goal is to change that, to the extent that we can. We invite you to slow down with us and experience the meaningful and profound effect that food has on our lives and our senses of joy and abundance.

At Two Clay Birds Farm and Studio, if it’s not fit for our children to eat, we won’t grow it or sell it. We cheerfully offer produce that is responsibly cultivated, heirloom, and from organic and non-GMO seed. We use only a combination of compost, essential oils, all-natural nutrients, water, and sunshine to care for our plants. We couple that with daily walks through our rows of crops which allows us to remove garden pests by hand and have eyes-on observation of how happy our plants are.

And now…

As an extension of our home and farm, we are embarking on a new adventure in the next few weeks – opening Two Clay Birds Garden Market. This farm-to-table store will be a combination of farm stand and gift shop and will be located in our hometown of Hico, Texas – right on Highway 281. We plan to feature not only our locally grown produce, but also produce and farm products from other local farmers, as well as the work of talented artisans and craftspeople. On our shelves you’ll find Texas honeys, organic teas, spices, baked goods, vintage cast iron cookware, hand-forged garden tools, all-natural soil supplements, and other nostalgic farm-to-table items sure to warm your home and your heart.

Additionally, we will stock the shelves with interesting books and items of interest to those who want to learn more about organic and responsibly-cultivated farming and gardening, beekeeping, canning and preserving, alternative housing, and the like. Kids will enjoy a naturalist reading library and a playroom full of wholesome, creative entertainment. We’re excited to share our happiness with you and look forward to meeting new friends face to face. Stop in and enjoy fresh produce, a cup of coffee, some snacks and great company. We’d love to hear your story.