Before starting our shop, our goal in moving here was to start a market farm that could feed our community. And it has grown from there. At Two Clay Birds Farm, if it’s not fit for our loved ones to eat, we won’t grow it or sell it. When in season, we offer produce that is responsibly-cultivated, heirloom, and from organic and non-GMO seed. We use only a combination of organic compost, simple clays and oils, all-natural nutrients, water, and sunshine to care for our plants. We grew up just down the road from Hico and came here all of our lives for various needs. We were glad to return to our roots and slow life down a bit. Often, our fast-paced society doesn’t allow for us to stop and smell the proverbial roses – much less the tomato leaves, the squash blossoms, or the sweet center of a ripe melon. Our goal is to change that, to the extent that we can. We invite you to slow down with us and experience the meaningful and profound effect that food has on our lives and our senses of joy and abundance. Drop by and find out why we say:
Good Food Makes Your Mouth Sing at Two Clay Birds
in historic Hico, Texas, USA!